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About Me

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977.

Trained in dance, singing and musical comedy, I began very young as a model and TV host, soon enough discovered my skills as a producer, and developed a career behind the scenes on television, radio and the fashion industry.

I lived in Argentina, Brazil, Italy and the Dominican Republic. I currently reside in Israel with my husband and 5 children.


In 2002 I began to studying Jewish Psychology, Philosophy and Mysticism, focusing my attention on the foundations of the Kabbalah and the mystical tradition of Judaism. My specialization is on Kabbalah applied to Psychology & advanced studies of the applications of the Tree of Life symbolism in therapy for personal development.

In 2016 I was Certified Trainer of Points of You®.

Currently I am working as a process facilitator in international events for the personal evolution processes of human beings; organizing retreats, workshops and seminars all over the world, integrating the psycho-therapeutic use of different techniques.

TRANFORMING is recognizing, confirming and demonstrating that flourishing is possible regardless of circumstances.

For 8 years (2002 – 2010) I have served voluntarily as a social worker in different foundations and organizations in Buenos Aires.

In 2014 I learned about Bitcoin and Blockchain for first time, since then I have dedicated myself to study and deepen in this matter that fascinates me and has taken a lot of my attention, focused on the social impact that this new technology brings for a change of paradigm in this 4th industrial revolution and of all humanity, since then I am the Ambassador for PhiEconomy.org in Israel.